Fonder Flower

Fonder flowers is a flagship service within our fonder boutique family, it is designed, fulfilled and delivered entirely by our own team: Fonder Flower division NOT a 3rd party boutique. You may be interested to learn that our team has been in the flower business for more than 10 years prior to being inspired by the motto “Live a fonder life” and the founding of

Motto: Live a Fonder Life

Over the past 10 years while we are delivering flowers for people like angels, we are thrilled by an inspirational motto: “Live a fonder life”, unendingly amazed at the wisdom encoded in the meaning of the word FOND:

A Passion, Belief, or Affection without Reasoning.

We Human beings have become so smart and calculating “gain and loss” for each action has become second nature to us, but many of us never realise that for many things in life we are better to not reason and better shut off our consciousness of “gain and loss” and instead put our happiness and well being first.

Our mission is to let our brand name inspire you and your friends just like we are inspired by “Live a fonder life”!